Let me introduce myself: I am Carlo, born in 1964 in Varazze, in beautiful Liguria, the home of rallies and people who have made motorsport famous.

In 1980, when I decided I didn’t want to continue studying my father told me to go and look for a job.  I felt a passion so strong  that I was compelled to throw myself body and soul  into car mechanics.

Thus began my adventure.

I listened and observed, trying to learn all the tricks and techniques from specialist mechanics and experienced tuners, making the trade my own, with a determination and commitment that led me, at the age of 21, to open my first body shop: CAR CENTER STYLING.

Always striving to achieve the best results, to satisfy customers and at the same time expressing my creativity, I started to build my first racing car: a Fiat 500 prototype slalom car. It was ‘small’ but powerful and, thinking about it now, I realise it represented me…

After a while I had to sell it, but a couple of years ago, by chance, I found it again and brought it home.

In the years that followed, my job merged with the world of racing. The dream was coming true, my job and my passion combined! I built and prepared race cars for customers and for myself. Under the name SP.RACING, I attended countless breakdowns all around Italy and beyond, running many special tests. The adrenaline of competition made my ability to ‘listen’ to engines grow better and better.

The successes came thick and fast, I achieved excellent results both in competition and work.

Since 2008, after collaborating for years with the major rally car preparers and rental teams , I started a new venture with CHRONOSPORT, a company created with two partners (who retired shortly afterwards). It focused mainly on motorsport (rallying) reaffirming the satisfaction and results which can be achieved on the race courses of Italy and France.

With the experience I have gained over the years and the enthusiasm of my twenties that I still enjoy, I have taken on another challenge: to devote myself to classic cars.

For this reason I began to look towards historic cars and rallies, those that made Italy’s cars great.  This led me to replicate, restore and improve the legendary Stratos, 037, Lancia Delta, etc.

The construction of the first Stratos replicas began with the assembly of the excellent English bodies of Hawk Cars. The enthusiasm, interest and the following that these cars generated convinced me that they had to be revived in Italy with pride.

And Chrono’s project was launched.

I am dedicated to the restoration of historic cars that remind me of my crazy youth.  Remembering those years which have brought me here, in this wonderful world!!!